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Web-Based Instruction:

Web 2.0, 3.0 and X.0  

In the technology-savvy world, there will always be a tendency to look for newer versions of emerging technologies. This is not a bad thing! It does not mean that everything we accomplished with previous versions of technologies is obsolete. Every bit of help we get in improving learning environment with the use of emerging technologies adds to our knowledge base of learning with technology. New technologies come and go, but the contributions they make to support meaningful learning remain the key.

Why a new version of the Web‑Based Instruction book?
Since the publication of the best-selling book
Web‑based Instruction (Educational Technology Publications, 1997), I have been researching the implications of emerging technologies into learning and teaching. The Web has changed since 1997, with its increasingly improved social and collaborative features, we have a huge social phenomenon in learning. New features of the Web definitely have tremendous implications on our social and learning environment. Now we have Web 2.0, there have been discussions about Web 3.0 and Web X.0. It seems that no matter what version of the Web comes and goes, they will be judged by their capabilities to support the creation of meaningful learning environments. I used the following definition of Web‑Based Instruction in 1997 which I feel still applicable because it focuses on meaningful learning.

Web-based instruction (WBI) is a hypermedia-based instructional program which utilizes the attributes and resources of the World Wide Web to create a meaningful learning environment where learning is fostered and supported (Khan, 1997, p. 1).

I have been asked by many about the release of new edition of the Web‑Based Instruction book. Until now, I did not feel comfortable with the new edition of the book. I wanted to examine the maturity and usefulness of new Web. Now, I believe the Web has improved a lot and it is time to edit a new version of the book.  This book is not about the technical aspects of Web 2.0, Web 3.0 or Web X.0. Its purpose is to examine how their attributes contribute to various features conducive to learning.

If you are using various attributes of the Web for learning purposes and would like to share your experience with others, I would like to invite you to submit a chapter proposal by following the facebook link below (please note that you must have a facebook account to use the following site to submit your abstract):
Please include your name and affiliation.
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