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McWeadon is founded on the principle of “learning without boundaries.”  This foundation allows our students to learn without the obstacles of location, access, and learning formats. 

Our students come from all over the world wanting to advance their skills, careers, and personal knowledge in an online facilitated learning environment that is accommodating to their needs. 
Small Group Facilitated Session at McWeadon

Small Group Facilitated Session at McWeadon     Video (3.5 MB) 

Some Students share their learning experience with one of our instructors...

Amal Linjawi, PhD student in E-learning in Dentistry in the University of Birmingham, School of Dentistry, UK says:
Special thanks to ET 510 instructors Dr. Alice Bedard Voorhees who kept challenging us and Dr. Badrul Khan for sharing with us his extensive work. I am already referring friends to the McWeadon courses. I've attended other courses here in UK, they've cost me alot, but honestly McWeadon courses are focused, well organized and hit to the point. They suite my thinking style.


Gene Esposito, Prince Georges County, Maryland, USA says:
In my 32 years in education I have seen the rapid development of information access and sources overburden school-based administrators. Having been mentored and taught by Dr. Khan I have been able to quickly assimilate the information and prioritize the data. My studies have also allowed me to make important, relevant decisions based on what is best for the students involved. I now have practical solutions to problems that arise thanks to Dr. Khan.  

Ruth Bennett, Fairfax County, Virginia USA, notes:
While a student of Dr. Khan I was able to apply what I learned directly to my work. Both my employer and I benefited because  I was able to complete projects in the real‑world using concepts and skills learned in the classroom, from Dr. Khan, and from other students in the program.

Dr. Marvin Rodriguez, Fairfax County, Virginia, USA, notes:
As a school-based administrator for a large suburban school system, information is relayed in rapid doses with the expectation of quick assimilation and dissemination. Through my graduate studies under Dr. Khan, I have found practical solutions for a plethora of complex information challenge.
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