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McWeadon Founder Khan is a United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) 2015 Hall of Fame Inductee. 






McWeadon Education, USA is offering a course entitled Introductory Graphic Design (free of charge) in August, 2012. Attached, please find the course flyer. If interested, please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  for information and registration. Course Flyer.







SALT Conference


Sept 18-30, 2010.  Dr. Keysha Gamor and Dr. Khanl presented a paper entitled Exploiting the Affordances of Virtual Worlds for Meaningful Interactive Online Experiences. 2010-08-19_08.27.08_arlington_virginia_us.jpgwww.salt.org




Sept 18-30,2010. McWeadon Education E-learning Workshop for faculty members from various universities in Saudi Arabia.http://www.elc.edu.sa/portal/index.php?mod=smr&country=america




April 18, 2010.  McWeadon President Dr. Badrul Khan was interviewed by Saudi Channel 2.





January 9, 2010.  McWeadon President Dr. Badrul Khan met with Dr. Abdullah Almegren, the Director General of the National Center for e-Learning & Distance Learning Center in Saudi Arabia. McWeadon will train nationwide educators and administrators in higher education.




April 7-8, 2011    USA.  Dr. Badrul Khan will deliver a keynote on E-Learning for Nursing Education at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay.


June 1, 2010  SAUDI ARABIA.   Dr. Badrul Khan presented "at the IEEE 14th STEM, Dammam, Saudi Arabia.



Sept 6-8, 2010, 2010  UNITED KINGDOM.   Dr. Badrul Khan will deliver a keynote at the London InternationalConference on Education, London, UK.



June 2, 2010  LIBYA.   Dr. Badrul Khan presented "Intl e-Management Conf: e-Learning, Tripoli, Libya.



May 10-14, 2010  TURKEY.   Dr. Badrul Khan delivered a keynote at the "Future-Learning2010 3rd International Conference on Innovations in Learning for the Future 2010: e-Learning, Istanbul-European Capital of Culture 2010, Istanbul.


April 26-28, 2010.  CANADA.  Dr. Khan delivered a Keynote address at the Canada International Conference on Education (CICE-2010), Toronto. http://www.ciceducation.org/Keynote%20Speakers.html


April 9 -15, 2010   Saudi Arabia.  Dr. Badrul Khan will speak at the Jazan University


April 4 -7, 2010   BAHRAIN.  Dr. Badrul Khan will speak at the King Hamad's Schools of the Future Project, Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Bahrain


March 25-26, 2010   QATAR.  Dr. Badrul Khan conducted "Hands-on Workshops for Educators in Web 2.0 / "Train the Trainer" Workshops" at the 3rd Annual "Exploring ICT in Education Conference. Doha.


December 19, 2009- Jan 16, 2010.  SAUDI ARABIA.  Dr. Badrul Khan delivered a series of keynotes and workshops on e-learning at the following five universities:  Umm Al-Qura University, Taibah University, King Khalid University, King Saud University of Health Sciences and King Faisal University.


October 5th, 2009.  USA. Dr. Badrul Khan presented "The Global Impact and Future of E-Learning
at the Innovations in Teaching and Learning Conference, Fairfax, Virginia.



Dr. Badrul Khan presented "SCORM Compliance with Critical E-Learning Issues" at the SALT Conference, Washington, DC. August 19, 2009.



Dr. Mauri Collins and Dr. Alice Bedard Voorhees. "Lessons Learned in Planning Global Professional Development" TCC 2009 Conference, April 14, 2009. Online Conference. http://tcc.kcc.hawaii.edu/2009/tcc/welcome.html

Dr. Alice Bedard-Voorhees. "Why in THAT World." First delivered at Sultan Qaboos University, February 29, 2009, Muscat Oman.

January 26, 2008 
Dr. Khan is a speaker at the Annual Forum on e-Learning Excellence in the Middle East 2009, Dubai, UAE.

December 2, 2008 
Dr. Badrul Khan is a keynote speaker at the International E-Learning Conference (via videoconferencing). Tehran, Iran.  






Dr. Alice Bedard Voorhees with Drs. Lisa Dawley, 2008 AECT Conference: On the Horizon..Rays of Change. “Evaluating SL Course Experience: A Learner's Evaluation and Faculty Response.”  November 6, 2008, Orlando, FL. http://www.aect.org/secondlife/08-archives.asp

Dr. Alice Bedard-Voorhees. "An Instituitonal Checklist for Second Life Offerings." First delivered at the knowledge Human Development Authority in Dubai, November, 2008:  http://www.slideshare.net/AliceBV/a-second-life-checklist-presentation

August 21, 2008
Dr. Badrul Khan is an invited speaker at the Washington Interactive Technologies Conference, Arlington, VA.

April 16, 2008

Dr. Badrul Khan is an invited keynote speaker at the 2nd International Symposium of Computer and Instructional Technologies in Kusadasi / Aydin, Turkey.

January 14, 2008
Dr. Badrul Khan is an invited speaker at the The E-Learning Excellence in the Middle East 2008 Conference in Dubai, UAE.
Topic: Elements of eLearning Quality. 

October 18, 2007
Dr. Badrul Khan is an invited speaker at the Association for the Advancement of Computers in Education E-Learn Conference in Quebec, Canada. Topic: Building Meaningful Blended E-Learning Community. 

October 16, 2007
Dr. Badrul Khan is an invited speaker at the Association for the Advancement of Computers in Education E-Learn Conference in Quebec, Canada. Topic: How is Your E-Learning?  A Comprehensive Program Evaluation Is the Key.  

September 20, 2007
Dr. Badrul Khan is an invited speaker at the The E-Learning Guide online Forum, where he addressed Designing Meaningful E-Learning. 

August 22, 2007 
Dr. Badrul Khan is an invited speaker at the Society of Applied Learning Technology (SALT), Washington, D.C., USA where he will address E-Learning A Comprehensive Program Evaluation.    

July 6, 2007 
Dr. Badrul Khan was an invited speaker at the Bangladeshi-American Convention in McLean, Virginia, USA where he spoke to is E-Learning possible in Bangladesh.       

March 13, 2007  
Dr. Badrul Khan delivered the keynote address (via satellite from Alexandria, Virginia, USA) to Saudia Arabia's most talked about National E-Learning Conference held in Makkah.  V
ideo clips from the event.

December 16, 2006 
The Potomac Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement held its first annual Book Signing Event with the best selling e-learning book author Dr. Badrul Khan at Falls Church, Virginia, USA. I
mages from the event:

Book Presentations

Dr. Badrul Khan presented his Managing E-Learning Strategies book to Laureen Esser, Electronic Reserves Librarian, Harvard College Library, Harvard University.  Photo

Dr. Badrul Khan presented his Web-Based Training Book to the President of King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.   Photo

Dr. Badrul Khan presented his Web-Based Instruction and Web-Based Training books to the President of Bangladesh.  Photo

Dr. Khan presented his Web-Based Instruction book to the President of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia.  Photo

Interviews with Dr. Badrul Khan

Educational Techlogy's regular column Interviews with Badrul Khan featuring visionary leaders from various countries who implemented innovative technology‑based educational programs in their institutions or regions.

November 3, 2008
Dr. Badrul Khan is an invited principal speaker at the Global Human Resources Forum 2008, Seoul, Korea.

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