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Why McWeadon?
The seeds for McWeadon Education began germinating with the genuine interest to provide the most meaningful learning experience for adult learners in today's information society.

We do not use the factory model to deliver mass online
education; rather we are very careful about the differences; between the closed system of traditional instruction which takes place within the confines of a classroom and the open system of distance education which extends the boundaries of learning, providing options for learners in terms of what, when, where, and how they can learn.

Badrul Khan in his 1997 best-selling book Web‑based Instruction pioneered Web-based instruction and noted that online education must be designed with sound instructional design principles appropriate for distance learning in order to foster, facilitate, and support the learner. Khan realized that there is a tremendous need for a different kind of educational institution for adult professional learners. To establish such an academic institution, there is also need for a comprehensive flexible learning model designed specifically to facilitate adult learning. In his 2007 Flexible Learning in an Information Society book, he introduced A Framework for Flexible Learning which serves as a guiding principle for the establishment of McWeadon Education as well as the design of meaningful learning environments for working adults.
To better accommodate distant learners and distance learning environments, McWeadon provides a meaningful learning environment for working adults that is suitable for various delivery media, accommodating varying life styles, educational needs, and current professional responsibilities.  McWeadon provides busy working adults high-quality facilitated and flexible learning that applies theory in real-world application.

We provide learners the ability to use learned techniques in the courses immediately applicable to their work through application of some of their work-related tasks done as part of their class projects. McWeadon takes this one step further by engaging in “house-calls” either in person or online at the place of their projects. 
McWeadon Education is a different kind of educational model where faculty work around the learners’ schedules facilitating online content, face-to-face classes or even “house-calls” whenever possible — meeting the student at work, home, or cafe providing greater flexibility and convenience for busy adult learners. 

McWeadon Education is a brand name for BK Global Limited, an education and training company. McWeadon provides workshops and online courses in various disciplines.
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