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Busy working adults expect high-quality flexible learning environments with good support services. We, at McWeadon, are dedicated to bringing high quality, flexible courses, designed to fit the time demands of busy adult professionals. We use a blend of learning approaches in our strategies to get the right content into the right format to the right people at the right time. We offer an interactive, learner-centered, and facilitated learning environment.   

We offer Workshops, Individual Courses, and Programs.
Our online synchronous and asynchronous blended learning formats include, but is not limited to: Virtual classrooms, Web seminars and broadcasts, instant messaging, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and Web pages, Web/computer based learning and training modules, assessments/tests and surveys, simulations, virtual worlds, coaching, job aids and electronic performance support systems, recorded live events, online learning communities and discussion forums. Instructor-led classrooms and lectures, hands-on labs and workshops can be made available in national and international locations.

McWeadon helps you to learn more about your areas of interest and, depending on your needs, you can take either individual courses, or study an entire program. Our course authors and learning facilitators are all recognized experts in their fields. The program benefits from our instructors and facilitators who are acknowledged as experts in their fields. Taking McWeadon workshops, courses, and programs can lead to professional benefits like increased earning power, and greater marketability in what has become a highly competitive workforce. In troubled economic times, the best investment you can make is in your education.

At McWeadon Education you will experience a caring faculty, committed to your growth and development, and a vibrant community of global learners.

To learn about our brand new professional development courses,  please  review our course list .

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